Quality Policy

As a leading producer of industrial, medical mixtures and specialty gases as well as a prominent manufacturer/supplier of gas related equipments, accessories, storage tanks, cylinders and all gas related services, we are committed to perfect our products and services quality by adhering to and implementing the organization quality standard below;


a long term relationship with aur employees, suppliers, vendors and customers based on trust and commitments to ensure the best quality of all products purchased and supplied.


the competence standards of all employees through regular internal and external training programs.


and monitor regularly the laid down systems and procedures, striving to improve on our products and services quality, to always be in line with the approved international standards.


and monitor continuously quality objectives, organizational setups and planned targets in order to constantly challenge and inspire ourselves to successfully achieve our constant growth.


at all times with regulatary standards applicable to products within the set ISO quality policy, to achieve and accomplish higher pertecfion standards.


regularly the latest technological advances/innovation relevant to the company's business operations for continual improvement.


optimum customer satisfaction, by providing high quality products and services standards, tailored to surpass the customers' expectations, to ensure successful fulfillment of their orders requirements and contract commitments, as well as fulfill the needs and expectations of relevant interested parties.